Kalau kedua-duanya (suami isteri) hendak menceraikan penyusuan sebelum dua tahun dengan persetujuan dan perundingan antara kedua-duanya, tidaklah mengapa. Dan kalau kamu hendak menyusukan anakmu kepada perempuan lain, tidaklah mengapa jika kamu berikan pembayaran mengikut sepatutnya.

(al-Baqarah 2: 233)


10 Tips on How a Pregnant Woman Can Prepare for Breastfeeding

I want to share ten tips on how a pregnant woman can prepare for breastfeeding.

1. DO NOT let anyone tell you it is necessary to toughen up your nipples for breastfeeding.

2. DO some reading about breastfeeding. Good choices are:

3. DO NOT think you need to buy a lot of breastfeeding-related products. The great thing is all breastfeeding really requires is you and the baby!

4. DO, however, consider whether you might enjoy shopping for breastfeeding products and learn how to choose and use a breast pump safely if you will be returning to work.

5. DO NOT listen to people who pressure you to formula-feed.

6. DO attend a La Leche League meeting while you are pregnant (find a local group in the United States or other countries) and surround yourself with family, friends, and medical professionals who are supportive of breastfeeding. (If you are wondering, here’s how to pronounce “La Leche” League!)

7. DO NOT accept or keep any free formula samples “just in case.”

8. DO have the phone number of a local La Leche League leader and/or lactation consultant with you at the birth.

9. DO NOT neglect to talk to your health care providers and birth attendants about your birth plan and your desire to breastfeed.
10. DO believe in yourself! Taking these 10 steps can give you the knowledge and confidence to have a good breastfeeding experience.


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