Kalau kedua-duanya (suami isteri) hendak menceraikan penyusuan sebelum dua tahun dengan persetujuan dan perundingan antara kedua-duanya, tidaklah mengapa. Dan kalau kamu hendak menyusukan anakmu kepada perempuan lain, tidaklah mengapa jika kamu berikan pembayaran mengikut sepatutnya.

(al-Baqarah 2: 233)



Inducing lactation is the process of artificially producing milk in a woman's breast. It is considered an option in cases when a mother is having difficulty in producing the milk on her own, adopts a baby or has a baby using a surrogate mother. Inducing lactation is an alternate method that helps women who wish to breastfeed.

  1. Visit your doctor and discuss the various options of inducing lactation. Arrive at the best option for you and your baby. If possible, contact an international Board Certified Lactation Consultant.
  2. Stimulate the breast either by massaging the breast, stimulating the nipple or using a breast pump. Start the stimulation ahead of time so that you become comfortable with the process. Gradually increase the stimulation time. Breast pumps are available at a local hospital or a drug store.
  3. Consult your physician and take drugs such as Domperidone and Raglan to induce lactation. Avoid using medicine with side effects.
  4. Inject estrogen with the help of your doctor. Once your hormonal levels reach the required mark, proceed with inducing a prolactin enhancing hormone. This starts the milk production.
  5. Place the baby near the nipple so that he or she can suckle. Increased stimulation increases the quantity of milk produced


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