Kalau kedua-duanya (suami isteri) hendak menceraikan penyusuan sebelum dua tahun dengan persetujuan dan perundingan antara kedua-duanya, tidaklah mengapa. Dan kalau kamu hendak menyusukan anakmu kepada perempuan lain, tidaklah mengapa jika kamu berikan pembayaran mengikut sepatutnya.

(al-Baqarah 2: 233)



Many adoptive moms get their information from La Leche League and, since LLL sells the Medela SNS, are told about it (and sold one) without having a chance to see the Lact-Aid. Some moms make it with the SNS, but many more find nursing to be too much of an ordeal with it. Many adoptive nursing situations have been preserved by a last minute switch to the Lact-Aid.

Of the two, the Lact-Aid is by far preferred by adoptive mothers over the Medela SNS, by mothers who have had a reasonable amount of experience with both (yours truly included!). Among the features which make the Lact-Aid more convenient for adoptive mothers, most of whom must use it many times a day for many months, are that the Lact-Aid is:

-- much easier and faster to put on and get set up to nurse (which is important when there is a baby screaming to be fed!)

--much easier to conceal under clothing and use discretely in front of others

--more comfortable to wear

--easier to adequately clean

--easier to use lying down or slumped down in a recliner

--much easier to use without tape, which can cause a great amount of skin damage

--more conducive to proper suckling.

The tube is softer and more flexible and durable. Some babies who refuse the SNS tube will take the Lact-Aid tube. (They feel about the same to an adult's fingers, but not to a baby's mouth). Another problem with the SNS tube is that a baby will sometimes learn to suck in such a manner as to extract milk from the tube, and not be properly expressing the breast. Some of these problems may be helped by using the smallest SNS tube, rather the medium, as is recommended. However, it is much easier to just start out with the Lact-Aid.

Cost wise, the two are similar. A double Lact-Aid kit costs only slightly more than one SNS. Additional disposable bags must be purchased for the Lact-Aid, if it is to be used very long, but, almost invariably, additional units of tubing must purchased for the SNS because they break. Because the Lact-Aid tubing is more durable and flexible, it is very rare for it to break.

Ideally, the adoptive mother should own enough units that she only needs to wash and fill supplementers once or twice a day. She may be able to get by with one, but it is best to have a spare of every piece that is required. Some adoptive mothers have been caught without one of the tiny pieces required to put the unit together, which is not a good discovery to make when there is a baby who needs to be fed!

Medela: Supplemental Nursing System ( SNS ) RM189.00



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